Naming Things Is Hard.

No matter how you slice it, names are an important part of daily life. It doesn't matter if you've got the greatest website or app ever made: if it has a yawn-worthy name, it could be doomed from the start.

Enter: NAMR. You'll never have a boring name again.

Only The Best Words.

NAMR uses only the best words, because your website or app deserves the best.

Make your product or application great again with a new name from NAMR!

Building Things Is Fun!

You might've guessed by now that this service is completely tongue-in-cheek. It's no better than flipping through the dictionary and picking words at random.

That said, there's still some interesting technology behind the scenes. If you've got a bit of programming experience, you might want to learn how to build a web application like this one (but, of course, better).

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Building Web Apps with Silex 2, available soon on LeanPub, is a book from software developer Kevin Boyd that covers the key stages of creating a modern PHP-based web application.


Build Something

Building Web Apps walks the reader through building a stylish and maintainable image gallery based on the Silex 2 PHP microframework. It also introduces Composer, a PHP package manager that enables developers to include Open Source libraries, tools, and other assets in their projects.

The Materialize CSS Framework, inspired by Google's Material Design guidelines for Android, provides an attractive visual aspect to the application - and shows how Composer can be expanded to support more than just PHP libraries.


Learn Stuff

The book uses hands-on techniques to explore and explain core concepts. Each chapter introduces new features and technologies, and demonstrates how to apply them in web applications.

Modern practices will be covered, such as creating reusable Service classes, building and safely querying a database schema, and creating automated tests to confirm your code is working as you expect.

Individual Open Source libraries and tools will also be integrated into the application, including Twig, Imanee/Imagick, Doctrine DBAL, and PHPUnit.


Stay Tuned!

The book will be published in-progress, in serial format, with future installments including a variety of new content:

  • Building Command Line Utilities
  • Handling Authentication and User Profiles
  • Automated Deployment Strategies
  • Adding a RESTful API
  • Interacting with External APIs (such as Amazon S3)
Coming Soon!

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