Naming Things Is Hard.

No matter how you slice it, names are an important part of daily life. It doesn't matter if you've got the greatest website or app ever made: if it has a yawn-worthy name, it could be doomed from the start.

Enter: NAMR. You'll never have a boring name again.

Your project deserves the best. Embrace the future with a new name from NAMR!

Need Something Better?

You might've guessed by now that this service is completely tongue-in-cheek. It's no better than flipping through the dictionary and picking words at random. While that might work for some projects, you should probably hold yours to a higher standard.

Kevin Boyd brings 15 years of software development experience to your website or application. Modernizing existing code, introducing your development team to new technologies, optimizing your workflow with automation - Kevin can help.


PHP 7 and JavaScript

Every application deserves clean, modern, tested code.

Gone are the days when you could open Notepad, write some code, and then upload it to a server using FTP.

Professional software must be well-designed, reliable, and secure - particularly if it stores personal information or handles e-commerce transactions.

Don't settle for anything less.



Have a legacy application you're aching to rewrite?

Rewrites are fraught with difficulty. Often, people fall victim to the urge for a fresh start - and then they have two problems. Sometimes this results in the entire fresh start being thrown in the trash.

Modernizing a codebase is not glamorous, but the benefits are apparent: Developers don't have to maintain two applications at the same time. There's less risk of a catastrophic launch failure. And your customers won't be rudely surprised by sweeping changes in your application's behaviour.

Get your ship tight.



Get you some learnings.

Topics include:

  • Modern PHP 7 Practices
  • Source Control and Code Review
  • Automated Testing
  • Debugging, Profiling, and Optimization
  • Building and Using RESTful APIs
  • Automated Deployment
  • Amazon AWS Technologies

Training can be provided on-location or over the web.

Learning is cool.